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happy birthday, echo ❤
i was planning to make a rhythm heaven custom remix of the pop team epic opening theme with your ocs and stuff but then i got drop kicked by my own immune system so ill settle for something a little softer .. but i still have some half done edits so stay on ur toes....... wink
me beung sick on your birthday is a crime BUT i will still celebrate the world's ost wonderful person no matter what!!!

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk what to say that hasnt been said !! its been?? how many years since ive met you ? and i love you more and more every day !!! youre just so wonderful!!!!! i might not be able to be there so im writing this in advance but i hope you have a happy birthday :heart emoji:
this entire webspace is honestly just the worlds biggest lovepost 4 you because you are !! the best ! this is like...... ur virtual birthday card..

-AMAZING art across all mediums you take on!
-super duper amazing characters and storytelling ! i always wanna know more about them !!
-wonderful sense of humor!!! you never fail to make me laugh !!!
-you have the worlds best smile!! seeing you smile always makes me smile, too!
-on that topic, your laugh is very good and i love hearing it!
-you're such a strong person, you've made it this far and you're gonna go even farther ! the moon better watch out
-tucker loves you and so does pepper!! and like, every single dog ever. you are truly a blessed human.....
-you're just super smart and talented in general? even when things might seem tough, you're able to pull them off!
-you have really good taste in all kinds of things!!

okay this is all very extremely cheesy but you're really just such a genuinely good person !!! and i can never seem to express that enough because i have the vocab of an egg.. this whole card is a sappy mess but -!
i love you!! have a happy birthday and lots more happy birthdays after that!!!