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merry christmas , my love

this time of year is hard for a lot of us, and im so proud of you for making it this far. please dont feel bad for having really bad days - we all have them. but we all grow and recover and things get better and we heal and move forwards.

echo, youre so wonderful and amazing i can barely even put it into words. all the things about you are indescribingly wonderful and it makes me smile just thinking about you. you're beautiful and smart and so so talented it blows me away on how much you've improved at both animation and art - you might give yourself flak but your skills are truly amazing.

i'll try my best to get better, for you. youre the best and most meaningful and amazing person ive ever had in my life, period, and seeing you smile and seeing you happy really does give me a lot of motivation to keep going even when things get bad

im not the best at sewing so they're a bit messy, but i hope your gifts are alright. the colours washed out quite a bit so you can view the original images here.

i love you so so much and i always will forever. youre an angel, a star, the most amazing and wonderful person in the whole universe. i love you so much echo♡