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dear echo ,
through all the years i've known you, you've never failed to make me smile
your touch and your laugh warms my heart and soul
you make me the happiest ive ever been

everything about you is amazing, from your kindness to your persiverence when things get tough
im so proud of you for making it this far
your art is absolutely stunning, your animations are fluid and your art style is an amazing balance of detailed and cartoony, and even then you improve every single day
i love hearing you go on about the things you like and your characters and watching things you like with you . i love enjoying the things you enjoy with you , and seeing you laugh and smile . whenever i'm with you , i feel like im all warm and fuzzy and safe and loved

everything about you is perfect . im so glad and happy i met you

hopefully you like this silly site i made for you

happy birthday , bee